The Site Diary app by Work Wallet health and safety software makes it easy for you to record all the important information about what happened each day on your construction site. You can quickly add notes about visitors, contractors, occurrences, operational progress, deliveries, incidents and more. The Site Diary app also includes powerful cross-referencing features, so you can quickly find the information you need.

There are many benefits of using a Site Diary App:

1) All your information, all in one place

Keep track of everything that is happening on your construction site, in one place. Many construction sites still use static, paper-based site record books, filled in by hand at the site entrance or office. The information often sits there, providing no benefit to the site manager - and it doesn't give the complete picture either.

2) Complete oversight of what goes on

Record and track all the essential information about occurrences of all types, such as visitors, contractors, deliveries, incidents, and operational progress updates. Want to know who signed for a delivery? Need to find out why a key stage of construction has been delayed? Do you need to investigate why someone got injured? Simply check back in your Site Diary App to find out.

3) Dynamic site records that interact with other inputs

With Site Diary, your site records are dynamic and interactive. You can add photos, text notes and get automatic weather updates to give a more complete picture of what is happening on your construction site. Your Site Diary app also interacts with other data sources, particularly if you subscribe to other Work Wallet modules, so you can get even more insights into what is happening on your site.

4) Easy and accessible evidence

The information you capture in your Site Diary app will be invaluable for things such as compliance audits, incident investigations, progress reviews and insurance claims. Having all the facts at your fingertips will make dealing with these processes much easier, enabling you to pinpoint problems, evidence compliance, and defend yourself against spurious claims.

Site Manager using Site Diary App

5) Capture the data you need, how you want to

Multi-media interfaces with text and photos make it easy to capture all the information you need. A Site Diary app allows you to input data in a variety of ways, so you can tailor it to your own needs.

6) Site management on the move

Many site managers find themselves constrained by technology and confined to the site office for long periods. They therefore have to rely on inconsistent and infrequent sources of information when making decisions, and may lack the full oversight they need to keep in control of their site properly. Using a mobile-first Site Diary app, such as that provided by Work Wallet's award-winning health and safety software features, allows site managers to capture data and information first-hand when out on site, and be more directly involved and clued into developments.

7) Save time and boost productivity

The time you save by using Site Diary can be put to good use elsewhere. You can focus on what is important - managing your construction site effectively and keeping it on track. With all the data at your fingertips, you will be able to make better decisions, faster.

8) Senior manager oversight

Everyone's time is valuable. Senior managers and construction directors can audit and appraise progress on the extended range of sites they oversee from their desk at the touch of button. Site managers at ground level input the data, and the senior manager can then see at a glance the progress being made without having to be on site themselves. Then, they can focus their time on supporting the sites and site managers that need their help and input the most.

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Using a digital Site Diary app is an essential part of effective site management. It provides you with a complete view of what is happening on your construction site, enables you to capture all the relevant data easily and accessibly

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, powerful site management tool, then Site Diary from Work Wallet is the app for you. Try it today and see how much more easily your construction site can be managed.

Site Diary is just one part of the wider suite of modules and features contained in Work Wallet’s app-based health and safety management software, designed to help keep business in high risk sectors safe and compliant.

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