Site Diary is an entirely free digital app to help keep construction sites safe and compliant. It is useful for construction site managers who are responsible to ensure the safety of themselves and others at their workplace, as well as for senior managers and safety professionals who need oversight of progress and incidents on the sites they oversee.

What happens when an incident occurs on site?

An incident could be anything from a work-related injury to a delivery being made late. When an incident happens on site, it does of course need to be dealt with there and then, and satisfactorily and safely resolved. But you also need to think about what happens next.

A Digital Site Diary allows evidence to be gathered from managers, employees and contractors, by keeping easily accessible digital records in a secure online location. The Site Diary allows a record to be easily kept of:

  • what happened at a certain time and place on a construction site;
  • who was involved and their contact details;
  • photographs of the location or incident itself;
  • witness statements;
  • and other important information.

How do you evidence compliance?

Evidence your key compliance by using digital records along with photos, showing exactly what happened. This is especially useful in the increasingly litigious world of work. Site Diary helps businesses remain compliant, and to easily show that this was achieved and maintained, in the event that a claim is made against the business.

A digital Site Diary allows evidence to be quickly and easily gathered after an incident occurs.

How can a Digital Site Diary be used to make or defend insurance and compensation claims?

Naturally, Site Diary digital records are useful in the event of an incident on site. But they also have other purposes too. They are especially useful for making or defending insurance and compensation claims for:

  • Site workers' injuries;
  • Site equipment and materials;
  • Breach of contract;
  • Missed deliveries;
  • Site damage; and
  • Site delays.

Before using a digital Site Diary, these records would be hard to compile, maintain and revisit. A digital Site Diary can show that you had a full understanding of what was happening on site, that employees were held accountable for their actions, and your safety systems and processes were not compromised at any point.

It can also show that no incidents went unnoticed or unreported, and can be used as proof of the reasons behind any actions taken. Site Diary also allows for digital records to be easily collected and stored securely.

Site managers can log into Site Diary and begin recording incidents or other site-related information straight away - and Site Diary will automatically time-stamp the entries.

Get Started with your Digital Site Diary

Site Diary by Work Wallet is a completely free app that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Your FREE construction Site Diary is also amazingly simple to use.

Site Diary digital records can be easily collected and securely stored, for easy access whenever you need them. Managers can keep Site Diary with them on their mobile phones or tablet devices any time they are on site - making it simple to record site-related information while the details of an incident are still fresh in your mind.

Site Diary is a free, standalone module from multiple award-winning health and safety software provider Work Wallet. It also offers a full suite of twelve other different paid-for modules, all of which will seamlessly integrate with your Site Diary if you choose to subscribe.

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